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Exercising Monsters

Hey! Make sure to check out Exercising Monsters.

Stirling Crest

April 4, 2010

Ad Absurdum. To the Absurd.

The Stirling Crest.  It features my Finnish heritage, my inner monsters, my ninja skills, and my drinking problems.


Jack Hammer

March 1, 2010

Jack Hammer’s utilitarian exterior belies a poet’s soul.  When the overseers aren’t watching, he carves sonnets into the rock walls of the mines.


February 13, 2010

Overton has low self-esteem and a love of puns.

This fellow is partially inspired by the “Chargers” from Left 4 Dead 2.  There is also a bit of “fat American tourist” in his legs.

Drake Fire, Rooz Munny

January 29, 2010

Drake Fire practicing his Blue Steel look.

Drake Fire was made from a MUNNYWORLD ROOZ Kidrobot figure, Super Sculpey, and acrylic paint.  He enjoys spicy food, pyrotechnics, and combat sports.


January 27, 2010

Bullhorn likes his suits fitted and his smokes unfiltered.

I don’t know where I will ultimately use this fellow, but I am looking forward to finding out.

Images for (Flame War)

January 13, 2010

More Monsters

December 28, 2009

This one was produced as a framed one-off for my mother.  It took me close to 8 hours to complete, which seems like a lot for a Christmas present.

More of the monsters that live in my head.